Curiosity was the driving force behind my trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats, curiosity to capture a landscape and a sport unfamiliar and alien to myself.

When I arrived at the Salt Flats my first action was strange yet fitting of the environment. I first tasted the ground for which I walked; I discovered a substrate that taste much like table salt. Immediately I noticed that this place would be difficult to photograph vast, bright white, with the sun’s reflection everywhere, a place absent of shade. The Bonneville Speedway is a quiet place even during a race only the distant hum of an engine and the announcement of final speed reached over a dated PA system cloud the airwaves. There is an underlying “harmony” one feels between man, machine, and nature when at a Bonneville race. While curiosity spawned my interest and drove my pursuit to discover Bonneville, the “harmony” I felt once there is what created “Sodium”.

Over the period of 2 days over 300 images were captured. Once back at home I spent several months reviewing these images examining each time and time again. Eventually I decided upon 14 images which I best feel support Bonneville and the “harmony” present during a racing event. These images were captured on Black and White film using an array of 35mm cameras. Negatives were then scanned and images were printed using archival inks on cotton rag paper.